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Rcvrs P&P Shortwave Receivers Past & Present — Communications Receivers 1942-2013
By Fred Osterman N8EKU.
Over 1700 shortwave, amateur and commercial communications receivers (plus 1200 variants) manufactured in the last 70 years. With 1800 photos and information including: coverage, circuit type, display, features, performance, new & used values (for most), reviews, etc. Over 360 domestic and international manufacturers are represented. Become an instant receiver expert. Fourth Edition - Second Printing. 2014 Hard bound 800 pages. $49.95.
Listening to Longwave Listening to Longwave —The World Below 500 KiloHertz
By Kevin Carey.
This is your introduction to the fascinating basement band of the radio spectrum. Learn about when and where to listen, receivers, converters and antennas. You can monitor the sounds of nature such as Whistlers, Tweeks, Dawn Chorus. Also Longwave navigation beacons, time stations, broadcasters, time stations and NAVTEX weather broadcasts. 2007 98 pages. $6.95.
Discover DXing! Discover DXing! — How To Hear Distant AM, FM & TV Stations
By John Zondlo
Here is a great introduction to DXing the AM, FM and TV bands. Topics include: propagation, seasonal conditions, equipment, antennas and reference materials. Chapters on: suggested radios for AM DXing, best bets for hearing 50 states on AM, clear channel AM stations and VHF TV stations by channel. Third Edition 2006. 96 pages. $6.95.
Joe Carr's Loop Antenna Handbook Joe Carr's Loop Antenna Handbook
By John Zondlo
Here is your guide to large and small loop antennas for transmitting and receiving. A comprehensive aid to understanding and building loops for longwave, medium wave, shortwave and VHF. Loop antennas can be very effective, even if you have limited space and a tight budget. Chapters include: Loop Theory and Construction, Loop Projects, Quad Loop Beams, Small Loop Theory and Projects, Special Loops for Shortwave Bands, Loop stick Antennas, Radio Direction Finding, Small Loop Preamplifiers and Commercial Products. 1999 133 pages. $19.95
Great Grundig Satelit 700 The Great Grundig Satellit 700
By Thomas Baire.
Here are all the technical details for the famous Grundig Satellit 700. This book includes an exhaustive analysis of one the finest portable shortwave radios ever made. Table of Contents: Preface, S700 History, Editions & Production, Versions, AGC/MGC Preselector, Hints & Modifications, AM/FM Test Mode, FM-RDS PI PTY Mode, Buying A Second Hand 700, Mint in box, Satellit 700 and Its Successor, Advertising, Booklets, Disassembling & Lithium Cell, Indicator and SSB adjustment, Satellit 500/700/900, Owner's Manual, Service Manual with Schematics. Printed in Germany. 2002. 60 photos 117 pages. Temporarily not available.

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